Our History

E. W. Muller Contractor, Inc. had its origin in April 1948, when it was established by Ernest W. Muller, individually, trading in his own name.

Asphalt Paving
In December 1952, Ernest W. Muller admitted E. F. Muller, Clarice M. Locher and Frances M. Bloxom into a partnership trading as E. W. Muller Contractor. The partnership continued operations until October 1959 when the business was, under Virginia law, incorporated as E. W. Muller Contractor, Inc.

In December 1967, a related company, Pioneer Equipment Co., Inc. was merged into the corporation. During September 1974 another related company, Newport News Pipe and Sewer Co., Inc. was also merged into E. W. Muller Contractor, Inc.

Ernest F. Muller, then serving as Vice President, died in December 1974. That same year, Ernest W. Muller retired and the corporation purchased his outstanding stock.; Upon Ernest W. Muller’s retirement, Robert L. Locher and Clarice M. Locher were, respectively, elected President and Secretary of the corporation. Robert W. Locher, son of Robert L. and Clarice M. Locher, was elected vice president in 1988. Robert L. Locher continued to serve as president until his death in 1997 and Clarice M. Locher served as corporate secretary until her death in 1999. Upon the death of his father, in 1997, Robert W. Locher was elected president of the company and continues to hold that position.